Varieties of File Cabinets

by admin on September 21, 2010

Using file cabinets, for storing data is an effective and practical way to keep one’s records well organized and easy to access whenever in need. Good looking and well functioning, file cabinets enhance the interior of the office, where it is kept for use. Just buying a file cabinet, because your office needs it, will not serve your purpose. Choosing the correct type of file cabinet is a very important task to be done. So, before purchasing it, one should know how much big the cabinet should be. That is, how many files are needed to be kept, accordingly the cabinet must be purchased.

The function that your file cabinets will serve should be the main thing to consider. The sizes of the documents will also be a factor in the type of file cabinets one chooses.

One of the main file cabinets is the Vertical file cabinet, with deep drawers, giving a good space for the files. The vertical file cabinet usually has two to five drawers. Now-a-days, space problem is the priority in every office and household. In such case the vertical file cabinet is popularly used because they occupy a less space in horizontal wall space. Lateral file cabinets are wider than they are tall; they take up more horizontal space than vertical file cabinets. The type of file cabinet is used, when the size of the papers vary, length and shape. If all these papers are supposed to be kept in one cabinet, then in that case lateral file cabinets are the best to be used. Steel case file cabinets are a heavy duty file cabinet, which will take care of your files properly. These cabinets are built up of very strong materials and they also add up to the décor of the office, as they come in variety of colors, to match the color theme of that particular office. For companies who use a large amount of paper, and who therefore have an ongoing need for filing, a steel case file cabinet makes an excellent storage cabinet. The drawers are spacious and can take different sized files, a flexibility of choice that is important if the work requires the use of various sizes of paper. Fire is one of the most destructive things that could happen to the records. Even, if the fire is put out before it reaches the data storage area, but the files could be damaged beyond repair by the water which was used to extinguish fire. So, why not prefer Fire proof file cabinets and Water resistant file cabinets when they are available in the market. These cabinets are also impact resistant, to protect the papers from such events as a roof collapsing during a fire.

As a file cabinet is a part and parcel of any office, so it is very important to use a quality file cabinet. The material of which it is made must be strong enough to bare with the strong and rough handling by the office staffs. The drawers should be able to cope with the weight of the file storage while continuing to open and close easily. File cabinets should be placed in a permanent place, instead of shifting it constantly, which will lead to damage of the material and its contents.

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